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Turtle Search Webring Rules

To the benefit of our honest members, the rules will be enforced to their fullest extend. Any violation will result in the immediate deletion of an account.

1. Membership

Membership begins when an account is created and ends when either the member removes the ring-code from the website or the ringmaster deletes the member's account for what reason ever.

2. Banner-Display

The ring-code has to be put up on the member's main page right after the submission of the application. It is allowed to place the ring-code on as many sub-pages as desired.

The banner code may not be displayed on

  • hidden frames

  • pop-up-frames

  • automatic exit-programs

  • pages with automatic relays

  • pages with automatic refreshs

  • on tunnel-pages that cannot be re-entered from the other pages

  • on pages that do not belong to the member's domain.

  • on sites with off-topic, illegal and/or sexually explicit content

  • on sites, that link to such content

7. Fees

The membership is free of any charge. On the other hand, members will not receive any payment for putting up the ring-code on their websites.

10. Announcement of Changes

Turtle Search claims the right to change these rules without prior notification. In order to stay up-to-date, we recommend every member to visit this webpage frequently. All changes of our rules and policies will be announced here.

12. Availability of Services

We claim the right to terminate this webring-service at any time. We also claim the right to refuse this service to anyone for what reason ever. We will notify the members in case of shutting down this service. We cannot guarantee a 100 % server-availability. Server-connection may be disturbed or interrupted for what reason ever. Data-flow may be interrupted, disturbed or slow.

13. Disclaimer

We are not responsible for any content displayed on the members' websites. Please read our disclaimer.

14. Location

Currently, our company and the server both are located in the Federal Republic of Germany. You can contact us via e-mail, mail or telephone/ telefax. In case of calling, please notice, that Germany is located in the Central European Time Zone CET (+6h from EST)

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